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Looking for the finest steel portal frames? We can provide you with everything you need

Here at DAS Fabrications we know that having only the very best portal frames on your site can go a long way to making the whole construction process easier. That is why we are dedicated to striving for the best.


The steel materials we use are amongst the best in the business. When we provide you with frames, you know that they are safe and secure.

Our portal steel frames are built to last and remain safe and secure. Give us a call now on 0161 476 1222.

Consider the job done

We supply the best portable frames at the best rates. Call us now!

0161 476 1222

Want the very best portal frames?

We can provide some of the finest steel portal frames that money can buy.

•  The finest steel portal frames

•  Expert steel workers on site at all times

•  Prompt and punctual service

We always put our clients' needs first, which is why we provide as many portal steel frames as you need.